Summer Youth Exchange Program


Club Presidents and Youth Exchange Officers:
I encourage your club to sponsor a Summer Youth Exchange during the summer of 2016.  There is no cost to your club.  We only ask that early in school year you publicize the program in your local high schools and middle schools (through counselors and foreign language teachers) and through local press releases and then conduct interviews of prospective candidates.  Once you forward the candidates application approved by your club to the District, we will find a match for your student.
Travel arrangements and hosting are the responsibility of the student’s families with your Rotary club only as a point of contact for the hosting family and visiting student.  If you wish, we encourage you to invite the students to a club meeting and introduce them to your club and to Rotary.
Please look at the STEP Letter to Clubs, STEP Program Information Sheet and STEP Quick Start Guide which can be downloaded from the left toolbar.  These can be used to start or continue the program in your community.  The Summer Youth Exchange is a family-to-family exchange program that fosters international peace and understanding.  We encourage you to contribute to this popular program. It only takes a little time.
Should you have any questions, you may call or e-mail me using the contact information below.  Note you may download all of the attached information from the District Web Site at
I look forward to hearing from you.
Neil Harrison
Short-Term Youth Exchange
Rotary District 5440