Investing in the Future
District 5440 Scholarships
District 5440 offers scholarships for students who are studying or interested in one of Rotary’s six areas of focus:
  • Water and sanitation
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Peace and conflict resolution
  • Economic and community development
  • Education and literacy
  • Maternal and child health
Two types of scholarships are awarded
  • $2,000 undergraduate scholarship funded by a district grant
  • $30,000 graduate level study abroad scholarship funded by a global grant
Undergraduate scholarship - March 15
  • Six scholarships will be awarded each year
  • Applications are first submitted to a Rotary club in district 5440
  • In addition to the application requirements of the Rotary club, applicants must submit an essay on one of the six areas of focus and how it relates to their past, present, and future.
  • Rotary clubs then select one applicant using their regular application process
  • Selected applicant’s application and essay are submitted to the regional scholarship committee by no later than March 15
  • Contact your regional scholarship committee chair to find out the date by which the applications must be submitted (contact information for scholarship chairs can be found at under Scholarships/Regional Scholarship Contacts)
  • Clubs that have been notified by their regional scholarship committee that their applicant has been selected need to submit a district grant request for the $2,000 on no later than April 15.  The applicant’s resume and essay need to be included with the district grant request.
Graduate study abroad scholarship - March 15
  • One scholarship will be awarded each year
  • Applications are first submitted to a Rotary club in district 5440 using the Global Grant Scholarship application under Files on this web page by the date specified by the Rotary club soliciting applications.
  • Rotary club will interview and select one applicant using their own scholarship process
  • Rotary clubs submit their selected candidate to the district by submitting a global grant project on by March 15
  • The club with the candidate selected by the district will be notified by the end of March
  • Rotary club and candidate then submit a global grant application on the Rotary International website
  • Funding will occur in July if the application is approved by the Rotary Foundation
  • See Global Grant Scholarship and Global Grant Scholarship Terms and Conditions under Files on the web page for details