The Club Visioning Session
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Visioning Program Schedule Template
4:30-5:15        Arrival of Facilitation team/Set-Up
5:15-5:25        Gather food and begin meal (Club Volunteers)
5:25 -5:30       Introduction of Team Leader (Club President)
5:30-5:32        Announcements (Cell phones format, etc.)  (Coordinator or Facilitator)
5:32-5:45        Introductions and icebreaker (Lead Facilitator )
5:45-6:00        Review club survey; Expectations (3 triangles); Highlight club strengths and Weaknesses from survey.  (Facilitator )
6:00-6:05        Clean up food and utensils
6:05-6:10        Introduce 30-minute writing exercise (Facilitator)
6:10-6:40        Vision writing exercise (Club Members)
6:40-7:40        Extraction (Facilitator)                             
7:40-7:55        Break and prep for dot exercises
7:55-8:20        Round One Blue Dots  ( Club Members)
                        Round Two Red Dots  (Club Members)
8:20-8:30        Summarize results (Facilitator )
8:30-8:45        Action Plan  (Facilitator )
8:45-8:50        Wrap Up    (Facilitator)
8:50                 Closing Remarks (Club President or Club Visioning Coordinator)