What to do after the Visioning Event
Jan Grack or Team Leader will send you a template for compiling all information on the wall charts, with the top three in each category at the top, and a power point template you may choose to use for a Club Assembly or develop your own, a definitions sheet, Developing Smart Goals info, and Vision...to Plan…to Accomplishment info.
Step #1 Fill out the template’s to collect all the data from the wall charts, putting the top three in each category first.
Step #2  Put the top two, three, or four choices from the Vision event in each category in the Power point template, revise or make your own power point, or verbally present what you did and top ideas.
Step #3 Share the PowerPoint in a Club Assembly and have a brief discussion of the process you did on the event night/morning.
Step #4 Have the committees in Fund raising, World community service, RI Foundation, Community Service, Club Service, New Generations, etc, or an individual who will find a committee to take the information for those areas. You may choose to follow up on two or three areas or all areas covered in the Visioning. See how it fits with what you are doing now. How can you incorporate or implement the new ideas?  Then make action plans to accomplish the goals, keeping in mind these are three year goals. The goals need to be broken down into small, doable segments with their own action plans. See following documents: Developing Smart Goals and Definitions
Step #5 Club Vision Champion/Cheerleader checks in with each committee/person to see how they are doing, if they need help/advice, and to help them get that help from you, someone else in the club, or contact me. Develop a time line for follow-up.
Step #6  Send Jan (jgredram@gmail.com) a copy of your PowerPoint or spreadsheets from the Visioning.
Step #7  Keep Jan posted from time to time on how you are progressing, your triumphs and areas that need some help. There are Facilitators available to mentor and/or support your club in establishing SMART approach to achieving your goals. OK to call Jan or your Facilitator Team Leader for advice as well.
The simple act of writing goals down, particularly in a group setting, establishes an agreement toward setting benchmarks and starts the process of achieving the goal. Refocusing by reviewing the written goals and regularly communicating those goals and progress toward the goal will naturally push a club toward action and completion of the goal. Accountability for accomplishment falls into place when leaders routinely communicate the documented goals and the progress being made to club members.  Creating action plans builds a common bond and promotes camaraderie by bringing members together to achieve the goals.
The time to begin using the SMART approach to achieving your goals is now.
Jan Grack