Do You Share Our  "Passion For Projects"?
Due to circumstances last Fall, Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity had been unable to offer build site volunteer opportunities - but that didn’t stop Rotarians!  A group of volunteers from D5440 participated in a Habitat Handmade project where they built hanging bookshelves (made from recycled materials) to be sold at the ReStore during a Back-to-School sale.  Funds from this sale go toward building homes in partnership with hardworking local families.

Rotary Passport Clubs are designed to be flexible, affordable and accessible to people who want to be Rotarians but find that traditional Rotary clubs aren't the best fit for them at this time. 

One of the unique elements of a Passport club is that there are fewer in-person meetings. The D5440 Passport Club will meet remotely once or twice per month instead of weekly meetings.  And, our members will have a "passport" to visit other Rotary clubs around the world, participate in community service projects throughout the district and help implement District and Global Grant Projects that interest them.

The structure of Passport clubs may be different, but the underlying reason people become Rotarians is the same. Rotarians are dedicated people who want to make a difference in their communities and around the world

We invite you to join us and become charter members of this exciting and progressive Rotary organization.


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