Rotary District 5440
Grants Committee and Resources
District and Global Grants
General Information
All grant applications to district 5440 are done online through the website
  • For district grants, governor’s grants and Rotaract/Interact grants, the complete application is done on
  • For global grants, the proposal to request funds from the district is done on  The grant application is done on the Rotary Foundation site.
  • Governor’s grants must be for local projects undergraduate scholarships or RYLA scholarships.
  • June 7, 2021  District Grants
  • October 18, 2021 Governor’s Grants, Governors grant scholarships, and Rotaract/Interact Grants
  • October 18, 2021 All conditions specified by the grants committee after reviewing your project as indicated in the History Log must be met or the funds will be released for other projects
  • October 18, 2021 If funds are still available, a second round of applications for District and Governor’s grants will be accepted.
  • December 10, 2021 all second round applications for District and Governor’s must be entered on
District and Governor’s grants
  • See District Grant Policy below for maximum grant amounts and the number of grants per year.
Global grants
  • To be eligible for $5,000 in DDF for a global grant a club must have contributed at least $50/capita to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund in the previous Rotary year.
  • To be eligible for the maximum amount of DDF specified for the year (as indicated below), a club must have contributed at least $100/capita to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund in the previous Rotary year.
  • The maximum 2:1 match for D5540 sponsored global grants before December 1 is $15,000. After December 1, clubs can apply for an additional $5,000 in DDF for existing projects or $15,000 DDF for new projects.
  • The maximum 2:1 match for global grants sponsored by another district is $5000. In order to obtain this match, we will require at least one D5440 person to join the grant committee (or travel to help with the grant) . This matching will only be considered for non5440 grants after Dec. 1 such that 5440 sponsored grants have priority and first come access to the DDF.
  • Global grant applications may be submitted at any time
  • See Global Grants Process for the specific steps that must be followed to request matching DDF
Please check the links below for grant training videos prior to applying for a grant
Help with applications