Club Youth Exchange Officers

Youth Exchange Officer Page

Each Rotary Club that participates in the Youth Exchange program appoints a Youth Exchange Officer (YEO). The YEO is the front line in running the youth exchange program. It is a very important job and takes a significant commitment to ensure that the student has a safe and rewarding experience and that Rotary is in compliance with all the regulatory requirements.

The District Youth Exchange Committee works closely with YEOs to administer the program. If a YEO can't find the information they need on this web page they should call the District Chairman or the country representative for the student they have questions about.

There are several different areas of responsibility. There are 3 related pages on the left that cover Compliance/Training, Outbound Students and Inbound Students.

In addition to reviewing these resources we ask that YEOs also review the inbound student and outbound student pages so they are familiar with that information.