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Our District wishes to maintain the integrity of all programs related to our District that involve youth and at-risk individuals.   
  • FC Breakfast makes everyone get a background check and they've got some kind of deal with Sterling/Verified.  Those show up on the background check list with the Position/Club name of "Advanced Criminal Locator Search" and "Complete Criminal Locator Search" and sometimes both.  Those are the cheapest ones and some don't have an amount for the payment so I left them out of this summary.
  • There are 16 checks for people who don't live in the states in our district and I left those out.
  • The file BkgdChkCosts_CO-ID-NE-WY-Amounts_WithoutFCbkfstSpecial_Volunteers_2021_02_23.pdf (sorry for the long names) shows how many paid each amount.  You can see that not many people paid more than $70 (19 of 659 level 3 checks, 2.8%), 39 paid $60 or more (5.9%), so 94% paid less than $60.
  • The file BkgdChkCosts_StateInDistrict_L2only_WithoutFCbkfstSpecial_Volunteers_2021_02_23.pdf shows the breakdown by club within each state for level 2 checks.  The average cost is highest in Wyoming because we don't have a law that requires counties to report to the state. That requires Sterling to check with every county instead of going to one database.  Some of our counties are slow and require follow up requests which is why they charge more.  The level 2 checks overall average $20.55 which isn't bad.
  • The file BkgdChkCosts_StateInDistrict_L3only_WithoutFCbkfstSpecial_Volunteers_2021_02_23.pdf shows the breakdown by club within each state for level 3 checks.  The average cost is highest in Wyoming for the same reason.  The level 3 checks overall average $38.85.  Probably higher than people might like but not bad.
  • The file BkgdChkCosts_StateInDistrict_MostExpensive_Volunteers_2021_02_23.pdf has the individal locations for those that were $60 or higher.  All but one of the checks that were $60 or higher were in Wyoming.  My recollection is that most of those are from more expensive counties (e.g., slow to respond).  The high prices were for people who had moved several times recently and for people who had changed their names (recently married or divorced women).  It was also driven up if they listed everywhere they had ever lived instead of the last 7 years as required.
Therefore, the first time through a background check will probably cost about $40 (in rare cases may cost in excess of $100 depending on what jurisdiction you live in & how many times you've moved).  After that, every check made annually will be at a lower level and cost less (around $20).
Before you begin your background check with Sterling Volunteers please obtain your club's ID and good deed code from your club president as you will need that information.  Then you may visit to process your background check.
  For more information please download the Screening Package information on the left toolbar.  You may also find the following video informative.