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Our District wishes to maintain the integrity of all programs related to our District that involve youth and at-risk individuals.  For that reason at the beginning of the 2015-2016 Rotary year a change in the District's background check provider was made to Verified Volunteers.  It was decided by our District Governor that the first time a person undergoes a background check with VV that they will be checked at a higher level to ensure we can maintain this integrity.  Therefore, the first time through a background check may cost in excess of $27 depending on what jurisdiction you live in.  After that every check made annually will be at a lower level and cost less.  Before you begin your background check with VV please obtain your club's ID and good deed code from your club president as you will need that information.  Then you may visit to process your background check.
  For more information please download the Screening Package information on the left toolbar.  You may also find the following video informative.