Host Family Page

Thank you for your interest in being a host family for a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. Hosting is an enjoyable and rewarding experience that you will never forget. There are no stereotypes of the perfect family. Any caring family interested in hosting a young person from another country can be a host family.

The best host families are really just normal families and they don’t fall into any one, easy-to-define category.

We prefer that our students live with three host families during their exchange year. This gives the student a chance to experience family life in different homes. It is also less of a commitment for host families.

Some host family requirements:
  • Families do not need to be affiliated with Rotary to host Rotary Exchange Students.
  • Host families are not reimbursed or paid for their efforts.
  • Families are responsible to provide room and board for the student, as you would for your own children.
  • Exchange is not a vacation, students are required to attend school and host families are not expected to constantly entertain the students. They should have responsibilities around the house just as other family members.

The Rotary International Guide for Host Families in the downloads provides more information for host families. If you have any additional questions please contact your local Rotary Club or the District Chairman of the Youth Exchange Committee.