Outbound Student Page

Information for outbound students on this page is generally organized in the order that you will need it as you go through the journey from application with your local club to returning from your year abroad.

If you are interested in learning more about long-term exchange there are several general information links on the main Youth Exchange page. It is also helpful to review the Outbound Rules and Guidelines in the downloads liston the left side of this page.

The first step in being a youth exchange student is to be selected by a Rotary Club.  If you need to find a club go to the District Club Directory. As a general rule the clubs conduct these interviews in September but the deadlines vary so you need to get in contact with them as soon as you can.  You will need to submit a short club applicationand participate in an interview with your club.
The countries we exchange with and details about their requirements are provided in the outbound country requirements document in the downloads list.  We don't exchange with all of those countries every year but we have exchange relationships with all of them on the list.  The general requirements are that you must be from 15 to 19 years of age, the details for each country can be found in that country preference sheet.

If you are selected by a club your name will be provided to the District YE Committee and we will provide a link to an online application.  The online application must be completed promptly.  Once you submit that application you will receive a packet of several forms and lengthy instructions.  Some of the forms require a medical or dental appointment.  Students should complete the online application promptly and begin work immediately on the additional forms and letters.  The entire application packet must be received by the District
 no later than October 31.  Additional details on the process can be obtained from your local Rotary Club.
FEES.  Our district charges a flat fee that covers the majority of the expenses associated with youth exchange.  For the 2024-25 exchange year the fee is $6,200.  Please review the "Flat Fee Description" in the downloads list.  It provides details on the fees, what is included and excluded along with other details.

All students who submit an application must understand that there are 2 MANDATORY events that the student and both parents must attend in order to go on exchange. If you and your parents cannot make these dates you cannot go on exchange.

Outbound Student Interviews will be held Saturday, December 2, 2023 in Cheyenne, WY at Laramie County Community College.  There are maps of Cheyenne and LCCC in the downloads list.

Outbound Student Orientation will be held in Casper, WY on April 6-7, 2024 (all day Saturday, ends Sunday about noon).
Once you are on exchange there are a few items in the download list on the left that may be useful.  You are expected to submit a monthly report to your Country Representative.  The Rotary Creed and B's and the Outbound Rules and Guidelines are provided in case you lose the copy provided to you at orientation.

The District YE Committee conducts Rebound Orientation in Casper, WY on the first Saturday in August  The purpose of this gathering is to allow the recently returned students a chance to get together and reflect on their exchange experience.  Students will be asked to provide the committee with feedback on things that could be improved.