Long-term Exchange Overview Page
Welcome to the District 5440 long-term youth exchange website.  This site is organized around the various users with related pages on the left for Inbound Students (those coming from other countries), Outbound Students (those going from our district to other countries), Club Youth Exchange Officers (those who administer the program) and Host Families.  There are also pages with information on the Youth Protection Policy and other resources that may be helpful to users of this website.


The download files provide general information.  The first file provides more details on how this website is organized.  There are several documents with general information on youth exchange.  There is also a list of the members of our committee and the schedule of youth exchange events in our district.


The videos provide some information about youth exchange, mostly from the perspective of the students.  The Maya Frost videos speak to parents and Rotary youth exchange volunteers.  


If you have any questions or concerns please contact our District chair.

Dirk Miller
District Chairman Cowboy Country Rotary Youth Exchange, District 5440
300 Comanche Drive
Cheyenne, WY  82009